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Abby Aguilera On How To Get The Girl: Tips For The Shy Guy

We all want to find love and we all want to be happy, but these days it seems as though men no longer know exactly how to get the girl they like or get her to fall in love with them. On the flip side, girls these days are not aware of how to attract the guy they want or know if he is available [...]

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Should you be fighting with your BF using an app — Is there actually something to it?

The role apps play in your relationship ShareTweetPin Think about a relatively important conversation you recently had with your significant other in person. You were able to hear their voice and tone, feel the emotion behind their words, and maybe even connect through touch. Arguably, these are the most important elements for interpersonal communication. Abby Aguilera, dubbed The Relationship Guru, says that research shows only [...]

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