Abby Aguilera On How To Get The Girl: Tips For The Shy Guy

//Abby Aguilera On How To Get The Girl: Tips For The Shy Guy

Abby Aguilera On How To Get The Girl: Tips For The Shy Guy

We all want to find love and we all want to be happy, but these days it seems as though men no longer know exactly how to get the girl they like or get her to fall in love with them. On the flip side, girls these days are not aware of how to attract the guy they want or know if he is available for a romantic relationship. What happened? The FLOW between partners is off! I think we have forgotten about the “dance of romance” and given the fact that nobody seems to know the ground rules of the game anymore I am here to help! Women and men are lost in today’s dating game. Today’s advice will be dedicated to the shy guy.


Top Tips for the Shy Guy by Abby Aguilera




Dear Mr. SHY GUY,


You want to get the girl, but, are you approaching her? Are you paying attention to the cues she is sending you? If you like her, don’t wait for her to come and ask you if you are interested in her, man up and make your move – girls LOVE IT when a man makes the first move. Most likely, she is not going to come up to you so find your confidence and walk up to her and compliment her. What do you have to loose? If you don’t the next guy will! Now, if that’s just not how you roll, then I suggest you start thinking about how to romance her and get that sweet girl you have been eyeballing out of your head and into your hands. So, are you ready?


Tip #1: Give her a compliment, think in advance so that you don’t run the risk of sounding cheesy. Don’t over think it – keep it simple…like “you look great, did you change something about yourself?” We women are always changing something about ourselves, hair, nails, dress, perfume, purse… Most men don’t notice, but you implying that you did notice will automatically get you some brownie points! That simple compliment will lead to a casual conversation and perhaps, you asking her out.


Tip#2: Be nice and charming! We love men that are positive and can make us feel good. If you are in a bad mood and just complain when you are with her, chances are she will think you are a negative person. Let her see the nice you…remember first impressions are everything.


Tip#3: Chivalry is not dead and we love it! Open doors for the girl you like, offer your help if she needs it, or buy her flowers. Even one counts if you are a student and on a tight budget. Never assume the gesture must be grand to get the girl, because actually we appreciate the small things that don’t cost a ton of money. It’s the thought that counts, and you assuming your manly, chivalrous roles that are attractive to us.


Tip#4: Please, if you ask a girl to eat, always go with something that is within your budget and that you can afford, it is a huge turn off when you ask a girl on a date, and then ask her to pay half or for her to pay for her share of the meal. Deal breaker!


OK, guys that’s it for today, make a note of these tips and put them to practice! Questions? Comments? Leave them below!


Xoxo~Abby Aguilera


About Abby Aguilera


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Relationship Guru and “gifted” Life Coach, Abby Aguilera, is passionate about guiding men to find love, happiness, and joy on their life path and mission. She graduated with Honors from The Hypnosis Motivation Institute HMI, and is an accredited clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in Quantum Healing. Abby is a certified practitioner and motivational speaker, that focuses her time on nurturing, mentoring and encouraging men, women, children and youth. A real humanitarian, with gifted intuitive, Abby Aguilera found her passion for life by coaching, healing and helping others. Since 1998 she has actively been volunteering and working to assist people in changing their lives, falling in love, and keeping healthy relationships.


Abby is most proud of her role as “mother” and has two beautiful daughters. After facing post partum depression after the birth of her second child and then being healed through past life regression therapy,  Abby decided to pursue her life mission and passion. The gift she was born with was so beautiful and valuable that she wanted to give it to others as well. With a leap of faith she left her career in a different field to embrace Quantum Healing, Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy.  Her intuitive gifts and energy healing abilities are now actively changing peoples lives for the better. Abby Aguilera is a bilingual “Mompreneur” focused on balancing life and work while still actively healing, motivating, inspiring and empowering any person that comes to her practice or crosses her path. She still finds time to volunteer at the Leeza Gibbon’s Memory Foundation “Leeza’s Place” where she offers empowerment, motivational speaking and life coaching.


Get inspired by Abby and follow her on twitter @AbbyAguilera or for more information visit

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