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 About Abby Aguilera –


Abigail Aguilera C Ht, Life Coach, Transformational Speaker, and Quantum Healer, is highly motivated and fully engaged in helping those who are ready to improve and transform their lives. Known for her healing, and her powerful, uplifting energy, she has dedicated many years to put the knowledge, and skills behind her gifts, to offer value and encouragement, to those who cross her path.

She is known for her acute analytical skills, that paired with her acute intuition, wisdom and nurturing energy, set her apart from the rest. Anyone that gets to meet her, is in for a life-changing, healing and heart opening experience. 

Abby is an award-winning speaker, a clinical hypnotherapist, and Quantum Healer who was trained in past life regression therapy by the late Dolores Cannon Herself. She has also been trained directly by Jack Canfield, NY Times Bestselling author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” among other books, to teach the Success Principles worldwide.

She guides individuals, groups and seminars with her one-of-a-kind Spiritual Counseling, teaching “The Success Principles” and coaching business and individuals to get to their next level. In her seminars, she will  guide you through a transformational journey that will include breakthrough exercises, motivation to move through obstacles, guiding meditations, sound healing, and past life regression workshops.

Committed to the work she calls her “Mission” since 1998, when she first became a peer counselor for the non profit organization L.A. Shanti. She has since, volunteered for many different organizations, like: Alta Mujer, Daniel Lara H.I.V. Clinic, LA Shanti Positive Living, The Leeza Gibbons Foundation, and is very passionate about helping children and youth.


     • Clinical Hypnotherapy certification. College of Hypnotherapy in Tarzana, CA.
     • Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy certification. Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Academy.
     • Advance Techniques in Quantum Healing Certification. Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Academy.
     • Reiki Certification.
     • Q-gong Certification.
     • Archetypal Imagery Certification.
     • Metaphysical Imagery Certification.
     • Healing The Inner Child Certification.
     • Certified on Hypnosis for with ADD and ADHD.
     • Certified on Hypnosis for PTSD.
     • Certified on Hypnosis for the Caregivers.
     • Certified on Past Life Regression Techniques.
     • Certified on Hypnosis for Fears and Phobias.
     • Certified on Handwriting Analysis.
     • Certified on Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation.
     • Certified on Hypnosis for Weight Loss.

Continuing Education.

  • The Success Principles Training for Trainers and Leaders Worldwide with Jack Canfield.
  • NLP Techniques
  • Reiki Energy Healing
  • The Touch of Love Healing Technique.

Other Certifications

  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Hypnotherapists Union Local 472 – 818-659-8687
  • Certification Number: 8745987


  • Honors Graduate: College Of Hypnotherapy in Tarzana, CA. HMI
  • Director’s Award: College Of Hypnotherapy in Tarzana, CA. HMI (2013)
  • Clinical Achievement Award: College Of Hypnotherapy in Tarzana, CA. HMI (2013)

Mentors and Influences: Abigail Aguilera has met, and trained directly with world known leaders such as:

  • Dolores Cannon
  • Jack Canfield
  • Dr. Brian Weiss
  • Lisa Nichols
  • Denise Linn
  • Dr. Joe Dispenza
  • Raymond Aaron
  • William Whitecloud

Special thanks to those who are unknown by the world, but that crossed my path and influenced me in amazing and profound ways.


  • American Hypnosis Association AHA: Member Since: 2012
  • Toastmasters International: Member Since: 2014

Follow Abby on Social Media: 


AHA Profile: https://hypnosis.edu/hypnotherapists/abigail-aguilera/


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Intuitive Session $250

Are you seeking guidance, direction in your life, or to have a breakthrough? If so, this is for you!

During this session, Abby will provide spiritual guidance, life coaching, share her intuitive gifts with you, and will nurture you with her amazing uplifting energy, to guide you through the action steps you need to take, to find the happiness you seek!

This session may include an I Ching reading, energy reading, Tarot card reading or numerology reading. When Abby connects to your energy, she will be guided to do what will serve you best. She will also accommodate the method of your choice.

*Included in this session: Mp3 recording of the session will be available upon request.

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Hypnotherapy Session $150.00

Your session includes counseling, where you will discuss what you are experiencing, what your goals are regarding your session, and what you wish to accomplish through hypnotherapy. It is a very safe space to open up and express what you would like to work on.  The last 15 minutes of this session, you will experience a very relaxing, and healing hypnotherapy session or guided meditation in a very comfortable recliner.

*Included in this session: Mp3 recording of the session will be available upon request.

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Past Life Regression $395.00

Have you ever wondered where some of your deepest fears, patterns and even, current illnesses you may be experiencing at the moment really come from? Have you ever considered the possibility that perhaps they come from another life you may have lived before? Past Life Regression therapy and Quantum Healing, have been proven an effective way to get to the core of the things that did not originate this lifetime, to heal them once and for all. During a past life session, you will experience a heightened state of awareness, allowing you to remember what’s like to have lived other lifetimes, and have had other experiences as you, but in a different body, time and gender. The most fascinating thing about Past life regression therapy, is that a high percentage of those who have the session, experience the  instantaneous healing of physical ailments, fears, phobias and chronic diseases they’ve had for years.

Having been born with memories of some of her past lives, and having had her own miracles in her life through Past Life regression, Abigail considers this therapy sacred and has made it her mission to help others in the same way!  She has been trained and certified directly by the late Dolores Cannon, and has attended workshops with Dr. Brian Weiss.

This session will take anywhere from 3 to 4 hours. Abigail always make sure to spend the necessary time for you to feel comfortable and relax. You are encouraged to bring a list of up to 5 questions that are important to you, to get the most of your appointment. Get ready to be guided through the most amazing journey of your life and through which you will experience your past lives!

Approximately 85% of clients that experience QHHT, experience spontaneous healing. This session will be recorded and you will be provided a copy via email within 24 hours from your session.

In her own words: “ I have witnessed spontaneous healing on myself and in the clients that have visited my office. When a client is experiencing a past life, they also experience the purest state of their consciousness, they are able to remember who they are, what  they are doing here and even why they chose to live this life as themselves this time around. I feel privileged and honored to be able to provide this incredibly powerful therapy”

Watch the Video below where Abigail Aguilera was featured at HypnosisTV with her client who had just gone through her past life regression therapy!

*Included in this session: Mp3 recording of the session will be available upon request.

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HIPNO-KI (Hypnotherapy + Reiki) – $175 per session
Energy Healing
Cognitive therapy

Enjoy a deep guided hypnotherapy session, customized to your needs, and the healing energy of Abby focused on the areas of your body that need the most healing. Abby has developed her own reiki method which is touch free, and equally powerful than the hands-on method.

*Included in this session: Mp3 recording of the session will be available upon request.

Buy 4 Hypno-ki sessions for $600

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Life Coaching Session – $200

In this 1 hr session, counseling included, guidance, and either a 15 to 20 min. hypnotherapy or a guided meditation at the end of the session, in a very relaxing recliner, with empowering words that will go and work directly with your subconscious mind. Abigail always makes sure to provide a safe space for you to open up, talk about what you are going through, and what your goals are regarding your session, and in your life.

*Included in this session: Mp3 recording of the session will be available upon request.

*House calls are available for private clients for an additional charge depending on the distance.

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Let me Be Your Life Coach For a Month! -$1500

If you are seeking to have a breakthrough in specific areas of your life, such as Success, Love and Relationships, Self Image, or Overall Career. With this exclusive service you will get a more personalized approach. If you are ready for massive success and designing a brand new life for yourself, this is for you! This package includes: 4 In person, Skype, or zoom 1 hr. Each, sessions. (1 per week)

3 thirty minute Motivational Life Coaching Calls where you will be empowered.

3 weekly reminders to keep you accountable for your progress and on task.

1 Session of up to 2 hrs, to create your vision of your future and a vision board together.

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Transformational Seminars 

Expect a journey in which you will be guided through exploring different areas of your life and make the necessary improvements, have the breakthroughs you have wanted to have, and energetically, reach to another level! After participating in one of these seminars, you will have a clear sense of who you truly are, and you will be given all of the tools you need to be able to move forward in the direction that your heart and soul desire, and achieve success in many areas of your life! Give yourself the opportunity to be part of what Abigail calls “The next level in transformational experiences” The group or the individual will be supported, nurtured and powerfully encouraged  to follow their dreams, and to awakened to a new level of consciousness, in which they will tap into their “brilliance” and manifest their own version of happiness and success into reality.

During her workshops or seminars, people experience one-of-a-kind Spiritual Counseling, breakthrough exercises, motivation to move through obstacles, guided meditations, sound healing, and the activation of their superconscious!

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Corporate and Businesses Training

Take your company to the next level in sales, corporate excellence, customers service and improve the quality of the interpersonal relationships between your employees. With this service your company will experience:

  • Higher sales
  • Punctuality and greater commitment from your employees
  • Sales Motivation
  • Improvement Of Work Environment
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Increase of Client Loyalty
  • Better and More Effective Closing Techniques
  • Excellence In Teamwork

Contact Directly For Pricing

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Self Confidence, Self Image and Image Consulting $200

If you have struggled with low self esteem, your self image, and overall the way you see and perceive yourself. If you are ready to experience a big shift, from the inside out, this is definitely for you. Abigail has worked with many women who at some point have suffered from low self esteem. She has also be an image consultant for models, actresses and business women who are seeking to become more assertive, more confident, feel better about their body, look better inside and out, and experience more happiness altogether! Book a session today and get on the way to experience a new you, that you can love and feel proud of!

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Abby Aguilera has a nickname in my book ….in fact she’s in my speed dial. I  call her the ” The high Priestess Goddess ” and there’s a reason for that, her  feminine energy is refreshingly pure and real . Abby’s a true and natural nurturer to all she comes in contact with . She loves what she does and clearly it is her “calling” . I’m proud to have witnessed her grow and blossom into the woman she is today through honoring her great gifts that grow stronger every day, and her enthusiasm to persevere and help others is noble . I clearly feel a whole lot better after I leave a hypnotherapy session with this woman and it’s hard to put into words exactly. But she does sprinkles some sort of magical fairy dust on you and then subliminally empowers you to live in your truth and hold onto it by having you call upon your higher self …… which I didn’t even know I had! Now, I can instantly tap into that part of myself with my breath and a deeper trust of self . So, I can’t recommend to you enough to just say “yes ” and experience this unique warm cozy feeling of safety, love and knowledge of self, that lies under the surface of us all… If we are willing. It is indeed, a divine and sacred space Abby creates for all that come to her and rest assured her “clairvoyance” will take you to many places you will instantly recognize because they are part of you. There is nothing to fear except becoming addicted to the sessions and to not want them coming to an end because you will want more of the profound experience of being opened up by Abby like a lotus flower… That,  I am sure of . love and thanks,

Olivia D’abo.

Olivia D'abo ~ Actor, author, composer, producer.

I met Abby at a spiritual conference, where I asked the teacher if I could be healed of a condition that Western medicine claims not to be curable. Little did I know that she would contact me within three months and inform me that she received messages from the Universe that not only can I be healed, but she can aid me in that process. And thus began the journey! It has been the most magical and powerful experience of my life thus far. The information that Abby helped me find, that I was carrying all along within myself, has opened the doors to the infinite possibilities of manifestation. The most important trait that I will carry with me for the rest of my life, is the fact that I can manifest whatever I dream or desire, and this realization would not have been possible without the guidance of Abby. Her warm and compassionate nature, combined with her keen intuitive sense, makes her a real angel here on Earth. Many blessings to you, dearest Abby, and I hope that all who have the pleasure of being in your presence get to experience your healing touch through hypnosis ~

Setareh Vatan ~ Artist and owner of Setareh Vatan Photography.

Abby Aguilera, you are the sunshine after the storm. Your light and warmth comfort me, provides me will to grow and recognize all that is love.
I do suggest you all to get a session from, follow or befriend this amazing woman.

Selina C. ~ C.E.O.

Hello! my name is Oscar, I’d love to share my story with those who may need to hear it. My experience with Abigail was extraordinary! I have followed Dolores Cannon for some years now. I have watched her videos and testimonies in different parts of the world, all interesting. Especially the technique QHHT, which is a technique that has cured a high number of people. I went to the Dolores Cannon website. I wanted her to give me a QHHT session but it wasn’t possible, because she had passed away. I then asked Julia Cannon if she could give me a session, and she said she couldn’t and then led me to the page on the website in which you can find a practitioner from those who’ve taken courses under Dolores Cannon. I took my time to analyze the list, I went to the different websites of 3 different practitioners. It was then, when I found Abigail Aguilera. The testimonials on her page were formidable!

One of my biggest problems at that time was to find the solution to the pain in my back, which had become chronic and had begun to spread to different parts of my body.  I talked with Abigail on the phone, and made my appointment.  I went to my session, and found Abigail to be a person full of love. You feel like you are visiting a sister, or a very dear family member.  My session lasted 4 hours, but it felt as though it was only 20 minutes. My experience was comforting and informative. At the end of the session, I got up from the chair, and my pain was gone! She gave me some directions for after care to continue improving. Two weeks and 2 days have passed since my session, and I feel better every day! In the QHHT there are no guarantees, Dolores Cannon says it loud and clear, but with faith, love and harmony, everything is possible!

Oscar E. Laguna Nigel CA.

Abigail is an incredible healer and a beautiful soul..

I had my first past life regression wth her and it was an eye opening, amazing experience.  Up until Abigail, I thought it was impossible to hypnotize me..

Also I had just been told I was going to need sinus surgery, and after seeing Abigail my sinus was completely clear!  The Doctor couldn’t believe it and said it was a miracle!!

So if you are lucky enough to have a session, expect a miracle or two!

Malea M.

Abigail did an energy clearing for me.  I have done chakra clearing sessions for years but never until yesterday with Abigail.  My 4th and 7th chakras cleared with overwhelming power.  My other chakras cleared as well and brought visualizations of mental clarity.  The session restored me to a more pure state of mind and body.  I cannot stress enough or explain adequately with words the healing power within Abigail.  Her presence in my world is truly a spiritual gift.  She is incredible.

Jon B. San Jose, CA

“To this day, this angel continues to bless me and is always there when I need her the most. If you ever have the opportunity to work with Abby, you are blessed because I truly believe you are in the presence of an angel. God put her here to heal the broken. I plan to go out to see her again very soon to get some more healing on matters that life has conflicted me with in the last year. I hope you do too!”

Shannon Tachman, Miss Missouri USA 2013

“Abigail is such an awesome soul. I had the privilege to meet her in person about 2 yrs ago to do a past life regression session . she helped me turn my life around . It’s always an inside job but she reminded me to look at things differently . And that we are the creators of our own lives. My biggest thing was of letting go of my past and the torment of abuse ..I could never get passed it. But with the knowledge and the intuitive nature she has, I was at ease to tell her the things I had kept within me for most of my life . I was able to start my road of healing, thanks in part to an awesome and I can say now, a great friend of mine. Abigail Thank you so much for all you do to this awesome world …deep gratitude. much love to you and your beautiful family.”

Scott Lapp, Owner of Scott Lapp Photography. Allentown, PA

Abby Aguilera’s warmth and spirit are truly amazing and, despite her claims of what she can do, she is able to laugh at herself and enjoy life, which put me at complete ease. At some point, I began having some serious back pain, which I suspected was stress related but which, nevertheless, was debilitating. For a couple of days, I was not able to function at all and the stretching, yoga and other methods I tried were not working. In desperation, I reached out to Abby, who was at her home in Los Angeles, over 800 miles away from where I live in Boise, Idaho. Abby got on the phone with me and guided me through some breathing exercises, which helped a little. She told me that after we got off the phone I should keep breathing and that she would connect with me and put some positive “energy” into my back pain, which she did. Immediately, I felt much better and was able to go to sleep. When I woke up in the morning, my back pain was gone. 100%. Since then, Abby has “diagnosed” several other issues regarding my health and has put me on a path to improvement, which is working. I cannot tell you how amazing she is. She has an uncanny ability to connect with her clients and when she does, she knows what is going on with them, healthwise, and in their lives. This gift she possesses is, again, not easily explained, but it is amazing how she can use it to help people. I have spoken with other clients of hers and they also tell me how amazing she is, especially if she can perform her healing in her clients actual presence (remember, she was able to “heal” me over the phone). She is truly a healer but she is also a beautiful human being who will put you at complete ease. Abby refuses to take herself too seriously but she is absolutely committed to her clients’ health and well-being. Obviously, I clearly cannot recommend her highly enough. She is an amazing woman with a wondrous healing gift. My thanks go out to Abby Aguilera, a wonderful healing spirit and a dear friend as well. I recommend that you trust her gifts. Just don’t try to analyze them. 

Steven Zunich~ Writer, Producer. Boise, ID


What is Hypnotherapy and how can hypnotherapy help you?

Hypnotherapy is a very deep state of relaxation in which you reach a heighten state of awareness while in complete control of everything that is going on, you allow yourself to get just as relaxed as when you are going to sleep and get to experience very clear visualizations, similar to daydreaming in which, you access your subconscious mind to create the changes and motivation that you may be seeking.

Is Hypnotherapy safe?  

Hypnotherapy is a very safe pleasant, relaxing experience, think of how you feel right after you wake up in the mornings, and right before going to bed.

FACT: Hypnotherapy is a proven therapeutic medium that has been approved by the American Medical Association since the 1950’s and has helped millions of people transform their lives and modify their behavior into what they’ve always wanted for the past 60 years.

Hypnotherapy is performed in an office setting, just like when you visit any other therapist or counselor and is NOT the same as “stage” hypnosis. “Stage” hypnosis is performed solely for the purpose of entertaining an audience.

During hypnotherapy, you will not say or do anything that you do not want to. You remain consciously aware and in control each and every moment and can end your session at any time.


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy is a technique that involves taking an individual into the deepest state of hypnosis through visualization. A state we usually reach twice daily: the moment just before we wake up and the moment just before we fall asleep.

Through this technique, almost any individual can gain access to experiences of  Past Lives they have lived. Through exploring past lives, clients in this state have discovered an infinite knowledge and powerful aspect of themselves. This part of ourselves is always present inside of us and is part of our subconscious mind, which exists just below the surface of our conscious mind. Many of the individuals that are taken to the deepest part of their subconscious are able to experience instantaneous healing when appropriate. Over the last 45-years, this technique has proven to be effective in thousands of people all over the world regardless of their Age, Gender, Personality, Physical Symptoms, Religious Beliefs or Cultural Backgrounds. The results experienced by QHHT Practitioners, conclusively support the finding that we have all lived multiple Other Lives and we all have a Subconscious which contains the answers to any question we may have about ourselves or the life we are living.


All appointments need to be paid in full in order to confirm such booked appointment.

What happens to your money if you cancel or reschedule your appointment?

Money won’t be lost if you cancel or reschedule your appointment within 24hrs from when you make it.

What happens if a person schedules and cancels the same appointment 3 times in a row?

The money will be refunded in full if it is the first time the session was rescheduled or canceled within 24 hrs from when the appointment was scheduled, but if that happens 3 times in a row, the money will be just carried over to the next appointment, or the therapist will reserve the right to deny your appointment.

What if you cancel on the same day of your appointment?

If for whatever reason you decide to reschedule on the same day of your appointment in the morning or at least 2 hrs prior to your session, we will carry the credit of that session over to when you decide to reschedule it.

If the client reschedules the session 3 times in a row on the same day of the appointment, the money won’t be refundable anymore nor will it be carried over and the money will be kept by the therapist. No exceptions.

Booking a session is a commitment between the client and the hypnotherapist, who has to block that time of your appointment and, pay for the room and be there at that time for your session, pay to park, etc. When you did not show up, the therapist did.

Booking a QHHT Session:

For this session, the money is refundable in full only if the appointment is canceled or rescheduled on or before 24 hrs of your appointment. After this period, it will become nonrefundable and your deposit could only be carried over to book another QHHT, another session, or service provided by Abby Aguilera, or to buy a gift certificate for someone else.

If the client reschedules the QHHT session on the same day of the QHHT appointment, the money won’t be refundable anymore nor will it be carried over and the money will be kept. No exceptions.

The hypnotherapist most of the time has to block a whole day in order to book a QHHT, having to deny services on that day to any other clients.

Disclaimer: Abby Aguilera C. Ht. and the offices of The Hypnosis Motivation Institute, reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.


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